Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More on the independant regiments.

 4th Infantry Regiment (The Duke of Moltuja's Rifles)

The Regiment first saw service in 1689, seeing action for the first time in the Dinaric Mountains in the tribal rebellion of the same year. After the successful conclusion of the campaign the Regiment was reviewed and mustered 520 rank and file, exclusive of officers and NCOs. They remained in the border region, seeing action again at Molja (1690), Kinja (1690) and the “Plains of the Moltus” (1690). In 1692 the Regiment returned to Istow, where it was stationed in a succession of locations until being sent to the border region in 1695. Stays in Istow and Klow followed this. 

After many years of home service, the Regiment returned to the border with Borduria and fought at Vukaselo (1843) and Grahovo (1845), and was then rushed back to Syldavia to meet the threat posed by the 1845 Bordurian counter offensive in the north, fighting at Bellicosow (1846) and Tarkaji Bazar (1846). 

On its formation, the uniform of the Duke of Moltuja's Rifles reflected the Duke’s colours, with a yellow coat lined and turned up with scarlet, Scarlet waistcoats and breeches, White stockings and cravat, broad brimmed hats having the brim turned up on one side and ornamented with Yellow ribbons. The captains were armed with pikes, the lieutenants with partisans, the ensigns with half-pikes, sergeants with halberds, 30 rank and file of each company were pikemen and 73 musketeers, the whole carried swords.

In 1742, The Duke's Regiment status as an Independant Regiment was confirmed. In a series of contemporary coloured prints representing the costumes of the Syldavian Army, the uniform of The Duke's Regiment was a three cornered cocked hat bound with White lace and ornamented with a Black cockade, yellow coats, the cuffs, facing and turn backs of scarlet and ornamented with white lace. Scarlet waistcoats reaching below the hips, the breeches were yellow and white linen gaiters reach above the knee.

The regulation uniform for the on-duty enlisted man in the 4th Infantry Regiment, as it is officially known, consists of a dark green wool service coat (w/ a falling collar), fez (featuring the Duke of Moltuja’s heraldry), olive green shirt, dark green wool trousers, helmet and traditional Moltujan boots in brown leather. The regiment was otherwise armed and equipped much like the regular army.