Friday, 7 January 2011

The battle of SpinalTap Grad

From early on 27 May until 28 May, the 1st Infantry Regiment with artillery support from 8th Battery approached and attacked the ancient fortress of SpinalTap Grad, which was held by the Bordurian 12th Infantry Regiment. 37 Syldavian and 101 Bordurian soldiers were killed after intense fighting that lasted throughout the night and into the next day. In total 907 Bordurian troops (including 202 Bordurian Air Force personnel) were taken prisoners.

With the sizeable Bordurian force at SpinalTap Grad out of the way, a breakthrough of the Bordurian line by Syldavian forces was now possible. On 28 May, men of 3rd regiment started the march towards the settlement of Jegebur.

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