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Syldavian 1939 order of battle

The Syldavian Army of 1939 was organized as follows:

The King was the commander in chief

The regular armed forces had 4 Corps with 25,000 active duty personnel and a strength reaching 75,000 when fully mobilized.

The Army Corps
(The 3rd, 4th, and 5th regiments are privately raised)

The Royal Guard Regiment

1st Infantry Regiment, The King's Fusilers
2nd Infantry Regiment,The Royal Zeta Guards
3rd Infantry Regiment, The Duke of Travunia's
4th Infantry Regiment, The Duke of Moltuja's Rifles
5th Infantry Regiment, The Duke of Hum's Fusilers
6th Infantry Regiment, The King’s Ragusian  Rifles
7th Infantry Regiment, The Zympathia Rifles

The Army Corps had the following:
Corps Staff
Four active and three reserve Infantry regiments
Corps Artillery Battalion of 3 companies of two batteries with 16 artillery pieces, heavy mortars or Infantry antitank guns. per battalion
Pioneer company
Seven Infantry Regiments each of 2,000 men.

Cavalry Corps
Composed of the following regiments, all of which were armoured. Each with three companies:
Corps Staff
1st Royal Hussars
2nd The King’s Dragoon Guards
3rd Royal Lancers
4th Light Dragoons
5th Royal Cuirassiers
6th The King’s Hussars
Training squadron

Mountain Corps
Corps Staff
1st Mountain Rifle Brigade
2nd Mountain Rifle Brigade
(both of which were partially motorized.)

Royal Syldavian Flying Corps 
1st Observation Group with 25 aircraft
2nd Fighter Group with  25 aircraft
3rd Fighter Group with 25 aircraft
4th Reconnaissance/Bomber Group with 25 aircraft
Each squadron also had an anti-aircraft artillery company
5th Auxiliary Group with ancillary and refueling squadrons

Syldavian Home Guard regiments

Three independent bicycle companies

Two independent feudal horse cavalry companies
5th Zeta Lancers
3rd Polishov Hussars

Two independent frontier motorcycle companies

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