Friday, 7 January 2011

The Fall of Niedzdrow

Notable battles:
    * Battle of Mount Haraz
    * Battle of Mount Zilharum
    * Battle of Tiran Ridge
    * Battle of Mount Harad Grad
    * Battle of Two Sisters

On the night of 11 June, after several days of painstaking reconnaissance and logistic build-up, Syldavian forces launched a brigade-sized night attack against the heavily defended ring of high ground surrounding Niedzdrow. As the 2nd regiment began their assault on Niedzdrow, units of 3rd Brigade, supported by artillery gunfire, simultaneously assaulted Mount Haraz, Two Sisters, and Mount Zilharum. Mount Haraz was taken at a cost of 22 Syldavian and 38 Bordurian soldiers. At Two Sisters, the Syldavians faced both enemy resistance and friendly fire, but managed to capture their objectives. The toughest battle was at Mount Zilharum, where Syldavian forces were bogged down by rifle, mortar, machine gun, artillery fire, sniper fire, and ambushes. Despite this, the Syldavians continued their advance.  After a night of fierce fighting, all objectives were secured. Both sides suffered heavy losses.

The night of 13 June saw the start of the second phase of attacks, in which the momentum of the initial assault was maintained. At the Battle of Tiran Ridge the 2nd regiment with armour support, captured Tiran Ridge with a loss of 3 Syldavian and 25 Bordurian dead.  The 2nd battalion, Royal Guards, captured Mount Harad Grad in the Battle of Mount Harad Grad, which cost 10 Syldavian and 30 Bordurians dead.

With the last natural defence line at Mount Harad Grad breached, the Bordurian town defences of Niedzdrow began to falter. A cease-fire was declared on 14 June and the Bordurian garrison in Niedzdrow surrendered the same day.

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