Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Equipment Source List

Now, the list below are just a few of the locations that I've found some of the components of this uniform for sale.  There are in fact numerous others out there.  In truth,  have no idea how reliable any of these vendors are.  Use your  best judgement.

1) Helmet
and of course…there’s always Ebay.com
2) Coat, uniform, wool.
and of course…there’s always Ebay.com
4) Trousers, straight leg, wool. 
(You are on your own here...just make sure they match the colour of the jacket)
5) Shirt, white linen/wool/cotton pull over without a collar, closed by 3 to 5 small buttons on the front.
6) Boots, field service, black/brown
7) Fez with insignia
(Your best option here is to build your own)
8) “bread bag”
9) Belt, made of leather, stitched with roller buckle, black/brown
(These are fairly ubiquitous really.)
10) Canteen
The bottle portion can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com or http://www.target.com and a variety of other vendors.
11) Magazine pouches
and of course…there’s always Ebay.com
12) Rifle
No matter what this is a DIY job, someday I’d like to have templates up here for the plywood/wood form…until then remember that the 1888 Mauser is the likely inspiration for the Syldavian rifle.

Either the “Kadet Trainerifle” or “Full Size Trainerifle”

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