Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Getting Started...because it has to start somewhere.

Welcome to Fictional Armies!
This purpose of this blog is to document the creation of the uniforms of the Royal Syldavian army circa 1938-1939 during it's crisis with it's arch-nemesis Borduria, one of two countries derived from Herg√©'s Tintin story: “King Ottokar’s Sceptre”.  The story, for those sadly unfamiliar with the adventure, begins with Tintin uncovering a plot to overthrow the monarchy of a small and obscure country.  Tintin foils the plotters who sought to create a crisis of confidence in the King and then annex Syldavia to Borduria, a neighbouring state ruled by a totalitarian Fascist regime.

This has remained one of my favorite books from childhood and which fired my imagination for castles and adventure immediately and for years after.  As a result the inter war years are among my favorite periods in history, and I have often wondered what might have happened next.  Does Borduria attempt another more forceful invasion? What happens to Syldavia during the second world war?  

Since I enjoy the idea of reenactment, but I dislike the politics that usually accompanies them (by this I mean both the inevitable authenticity issues as well as the closeted fascist/hate group garbage).  So I thought, "why not recreate an army that never existed", no politics-no authenticity issues.   Other than the tiny detail that one cannot recreate what has never existed, this will be an ongoing venue for my plans and thoughts on (re)creating these uniforms.

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